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Innovative. Personal. Powerful.

Companies today face a challenge in hiring talented employees that match their job requirements. On the other hand, job seekers looking for the right match feel stressed, frustrated, and undervalued.

Lander bridges the gap by connecting job seekers

and recruiters in a fresher, more efficient way. Whether you're looking for a job or recruiting new talents, Lander makes the process more interactive, personalized, and enjoyable.

Talent Matches That Matter To Your Business

Finding the right job or a suitable candidate is time-consuming and stressful, unless you are on Lander.

Make the most of your employment process

How Does It Work?


Create your profile and record a 30-second video to showcase your talent. Upload your resume or create a new one through our template. Then, submit your profile to the business areas you are interested in working and browse the platform to search for new opportunities.

Hiring Managers

Access specialized candidate pools and find the right match for the position using our tier-level organized search. You can also post a job opening in a specific candidate pool and get applications. Then, get in touch with interested candidates quickly.

Cost-Effective. Productive. Smooth.




Lander makes the employment process a stress-free and enjoyable experience.



As a hiring manager we reduce your search time by 50% and allow access to numerous resumes from one location.


Personalized & Safe

As a candidate add a video to your profile and gain a competitive edge. We are performing constant security and privacy checks to protect you and your data.

Lander - Enhanced Trust. Enhanced Matches.

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